Stephen R. Koons

N-Sync, has been here for decades. They are very professional and easy to work with. I've had them construct two websites and be my go to tech service provider. They are local and care about the community, and they are reasonably priced. I would recommend them without reservation.

Stephen R. Koons, PA Stephen R. Koons is a former Assistant State Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, and Brevard County Judge.

Bill McCarthy, CEO Coastal Health Systems

“As one of NSync’s first customers, dating back to both of our beginnings, our partnership has been extraordinarily successful. With NSync, Coastal has not only received professional and competent computer, phone, communications, network systems, hardware and applications support, we received and have enjoyed a relationship that has been as close to perfect as a company president could hope for. As an ambulance services provider, we must have 24/7/365 reliable communications and computer systems and for almost 30 years we have enjoyed both a long partnership as well as a deep friendship with Keith and his team and they have never failed to deliver. In today’s fast pace of business where change, especially in technology, is always present having such a reliable partner has been a critical component of our success, and I would hope that we have been the same to NSync. Here’s to the next 30 years and another million phone calls!"

Bill McCarthy President & CEO Coastal Health Systems

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These guys are the best!!!! Love the Service, the products and the prices!

Janet Buol

Dave Fishburne

Keith, just a BIG THANK YOU for the fine young man named Kevin that you put on my case. It makes my head swim to watch him explore all the systems files to find the "needle in the haystack". I didn't ask him but watching him navigate through the labyrinth made me wonder "how many languages does this guy speak"?

Really fine, but thankless job. I hope you may share my experience with others so they will know you get the job done right.

Dave Fishburne Coastal Directory Co

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Keith was truly fantastic! My new Super Hero of the day!

Dina McDermott

Mike OMeara

My companies have worked with Tim Parker and N-Sync for more than 15 years. Working with this team has always been a pleasure resulting in fantastic outcomes. Tim and his team have help us grow and get through a myriad of issues with expert work, superior support, excellent value and trustworthiness not easily found in other companies.

Service Category: IT Consultant
Year first hired: 1998 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mike OMeara Americas Mall

Photo Unavailable, Thank you for your support in publicizing the 2013 Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL this past November. Our event was a great success, with more attendees than ever before, and part of that accomplishment is due to the exposure and promotional value we received through your own site's Event Calendar. The success of our event was a 'win' for the local community as well as the state.

Bob Rish Native Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, FL

Jay Stoeber

Keith is not only my Astaro and Novell reseller, he is also a friend and mentor. I can honestly say - Keith is unlike any other CEO that I have known. He will talk to you, work with you, offer suggestions, find creative solutions to technical issues, make recommendations, all after listening intently to what you have to say. He does not pass you off to some outside specialist like other resellers do who're so "compartmentalized" they're rendered ineffectual. Keith has the expertise to answer and discuss it all himself. It is this very type of critical information and "in the trenches experience" that these other resellers truly DO lack without outsourcing you - the customer - just to get answers to pre-sales questions, and is the major and driving difference between N-Sync and "the others". As such, this allows a business such as a small one like ours with limited resources, to make informed and cost-effective decisions for otherwise highly technical and specialized IT systems and integration of same, including servers, phone systems, wiring/cabling, perimeter and network security - and so much a single phone call...without being transferred internally. This is rare. Even CDW cannot accomplish this without much more effort, involved personnel, and from where I stand - resultant delays and frustration. It does *not* stop there. N-Sync goes even farther, and for a change, I am the one who usually learns something - practically every time I speak to Keith. Usually - I am the one doing the schooling - especially to sales folks and CEO's alike! This results is a very personable, secure feeling, as well as far more value with our IT investments than with the competition - hands down. Their close proximity to us here in Florida was also a consideration, with a benefit for A&N to have a provider and supporter of its mission-critical systems as geographically close as they are, and that was not just going to outsource us to some other company for on-site needs - also unlike the competition. Also, if I have an issue with any of the products we acquired from N-Sync, or I get frustrated at the vendor themselves for whatever reason(s), etc., or to "light some fires" to get the service we pay for and expect - he does not hesitate and immediately goes to bat for you, takes ownership of the problem, and run's with it to get you what you are after, without hesitation. Additionally, he is one of the RARE people (especially for a CEO) who actually had an answer for highly specific and technical questions that most any other CEO, IT account managers (such as CDW), or even other Sysadmins and techs much of the time, would not have answers to and would "have to get back to me". Not Keith or N-Sync! I would recommend Keith and his N-Sync team not only as a reseller, but also as professional IT consultants covering a wide breadth of products and services for any organization - without question.

Jay Stoeber IT Manager for A&N Corporation

Dave Fishburne

"I have been working with Tim for almost 10 years. Tim makes things happen and offers consistent, effective solutions to business challenges.

Tim is always ready when you are and I highly recommend him for anything you may consider involving information technologies, communication networks or market development." December 10, 2012

David Fishburne Owner at Coastal Directory Co

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Keith is the hardest working CEO in the business. He is honest, knowledgeable and generous. He is a credit to our community. His efforts to give back to the community by supporting youth groups and civic causes are noteworthy.

He has my vote for Businessman of the Year!

Terry Papczynski Aerospace Technician at United Space Alliance

Dave Fishburne

Keith has been a consistent voice of reason offering effective choices to our InfoTech needs. He is always "on the job, and on time" and delivers on his recommendations.

I highly recommend Keith and the capable staff at NSync to hear your problems, share your challenges, and deliver solutions that last.

David Fishburne Owner at Coastal Directory Co

Stephen G. Charpentier

Keith and his staff have provided high value work and results to my firm. You can count on impeccable service with a smile.

Stephen G. Charpentier Charpentier Law Firm, P.A

David Stills

Keith is a detailed oriented professional who likes to finish projects on time and under budget.

David Stills Regional IT DIrector at Zilber

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