WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

Due to the rise in time and effort associated with maintaining modern websites, we are forced to reorganize our pricing structure to fit today’s demands.

First we are introducing new tiered website management plans. Patterned off GoDaddy’s similar offerings, but adding more value and dedicated support at a local level.   These plans offer a varied level of included services and bundled task credits. A task credit is used whenever you have specific tasks you need Nsync to perform such as content updates, design tweaks, and technical support. (a full list of tasks with credit values visit: )

The goal here is to take the burden of maintaining your website and preventing malicious activity off of your shoulders with no surprises in the way you’re billed.

We break these plans into the following:

N-Sync Maintenance Plans


Standard Maintenance Plan- $50/ Month

Let Nsync take care of keeping your website up to date with the latest security practices and standards, all of the updates to the core website, your theme, and plugins associated with your site will be updated as needed once per month. If there are any issues with incompatibility or an app becomes unsupported you have included 1 task credit with which we can resolve the issue. If additional tasks are required we will contact you with the option to purchase the credits necessary at a rate of $25/credit.

Gold Maintenance Plan- $100/ Month

This tier includes everything from the standard plan with the addition of additional security monitoring, and basic anti-hack support. As well as increasing the included task credits per month to 5.

Premium Maintenance Plan- $150/ Month

This tier includes everything from the standard and gold plans with the addition of more active security monitoring and active threat removal. Issues with themes or plugins during updates will be resolved without use of task credits. Premium clients will have priority in task queue. The included task credits per month increase to 10.

What plan can we get you started with today?

These plans do not include hosting. Your plan may include webmaster time and must  be migrated to a new plan. If you prefer to handle the maintenance of your site yourself, there is no additional cost.

Maintenance Price Comparison      
Included Credits23551010
Price/additional Credit$25$26.99$20$19.99$15$14.99
Core updatesxxx
Plugin updatesxxx
Theme updatesxxx
Security monitoringxx
Uptime monitoringxxx
Monitor Google Submission Alerts and fixxx
Anti-hack supportxx
Monitor for outdated & unsafe Themes and Plugins and MAKE replacementsx
Google Analytics Reportsx
Premium Support (Head of the line on issues)x
Strategy/ Planning Consultingx
Premium Anti-Hack Servicex
Hosting Price Comparison      

For a full breakdown of the cost in credits for each task type, click here (PDF).