July 1, 2020

3CX Releases All New iOS App

3CX Releases All New iOS App

Chat, Speak, Video- New iOS App Has It All!

Don’t Just Talk… Video! Get the New iOS App

The all new iOS app has landed with a sleek design, user-friendly interface and video calls to boot! The upgraded notification system takes overall performance to new heights; we know you’re going to love it.

June also brought around another WebMeeting update to help solve bandwidth issues and improve overall experience. And we let you in on some of our Android tips and tricks so you can get your customers using 3CX like a boss, as well as some useful guides on getting more business with 3CX.

The new iOS App is here! Tired of the same old phone calls with colleagues and customers? Take it up a notch with video and new rich-chat features. This, together with an upgraded notification system makes the iOS App your one-stop tool for working remotely while adding that extra spark to your business communications.

“Video killed the radio star”…while it hasn’t gone as far as killing voice-only phone conversations just yet, video certainly stepped up communications. The new iOS App enables you to get up close and personal, elevating a chat or call to video, from wherever you are, at the tap of a button. Video calls are supported between the 3CX iOS and Android apps, Web Client and web visitors via Live Chat & Talk.

Initiate a video call by simply tapping on the “Video” option while in an active call!

Wake Up! You Have a Call

The new iOS App relies on Apple’s updated notification service available in 3CX v16 Update 5, to “wake up” your device and push through all important notifications. You can also set the “Accept Push Notifications” option for each of your status profiles, to enable or disable call notifications on demand. Just tap on your top-right status indicator and then on the profile to set the option. Make sure your PBX is on v16 Update 5 and never miss an important call or chat!

Other Features

  • Secure calls by default with tunnel encryption capability in v16 Update 5.
  • App switches automatically to the best available WIFI, 3G/4G connection. No need to redial.
  • Snap and share photos, documents or even emojis while chatting.
  • Move chats to and from Archive, and name group chats for easy reference.
  • Website chat: Easily “Take ownership” or “Transfer” web visitor requests.

Requirements & Known Issues

Get the new version from the iOS App Store and check our iOS App user guide for more info. This iOS version will replace the current version. For the new app to work, make sure you have upgraded to 3CX v16 Update 5 and are running a supported operating system.

View the changelog for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.

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