July 16, 2018

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing, Are You Ready?

Google's Mobile-First Indexing, Are You Ready?

Recently Google started pushing out what it is calling “Mobile-First Indexing”.

This means Google is using the mobile version of your site to collect  the text it needs to index your site, and put it in the Google rankings.  This can be a big problem if your site is not mobile ready.

If your company website is on the older side, then most likely it is NOT mobile ready. 

We explain to our customers that in today’s market, visitors view your website on screens that range in size from a big screen TV to a smart-watch.  This means your website must be able to display properly on all these displays. This is done by using modern code that utilizes HTML5 and responsive technology  that will allow your site to adjust to the different screens that your visitors will view it on.

The bottom line is, with the new policies that Google is implementing, you want your site to be using the most modern technology.  We have already started reaching out to our clients with older sites.  Feel free to contact us if it’s time to update YOUR website.

The result will be a better ranking in the search engines and that translates to more business!

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