April 23, 2015

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

This week Google released an update to their algorithm that puts much more weight on whether or not your website is “mobile friendly” in ranking your site for SEO or search engine optimization.

What this means is a site that is more mobile friendly will rank higher in the organic search results.

To be more mobile friendly means your website will show up in an easy to use way on a variety of mobile devices.  Usually this means the site was created in such a way that is adjusts itself to the device that you are viewing it on.  This could be a tablet, a smartphone, a watch, or other device such as a TV.

Why is Google doing this? Because more and more searches are being done on mobile devices.


Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

If you are not sure, pull up your site on a phone and a tablet.  If the site doesn’t appear, or looks exactly the same as it does on a computer, then most likely it is NOT Mobile Friendly.  Remember, a mobile friendly site adjusts to the device you are on.

If your site is not mobile friendly, we can help!

The bottom line is, Google is going to start penalizing you this week.  Your site will show up lower and lower in the rankings if you don’t fix this.  But, N-Sync can help.

Contact Brian in the Web Department and he will be glad to meet with you and discuss your site.  He can give you options on what to do to not only keep your spot in the rankings, but to IMPROVE!

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