December 17, 2013

The Making Of… SUPER GEEK!

The Making Of... SUPER GEEK!

N-Sync Computer Services has been hard at work in the computer labs, creating a new
Computer Super Hero:

  • A Computer Hero who can repair your PC faster than a speeding bullet…
  • He can make your computer network more powerful than a locomotive…
  • He’s able to leap tall server racks in a single bound…
  • He Is….

Our Story Begins with N-Sync Computer Services building a one of a kind, streamline & efficient Uniform befitting of their Computer Super Geek!!!

Video coming soon!!!!   Be the 1st to see the welding of his custom belt buckle, the source of his amazing computer networking / repair & web design super powers!    Brevard County Space Coast will now be a safer place to do business!!!

This looks like a job for Super- Geek!


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