May 30, 2018

QuickBooks Announces New Security Requirements

QuickBooks Announces New Security Requirements

Last week QuickBooks announced new security requirements and is dropping support for some environments.

As of 05/22/2017, QuickBooks Online will no longer support the Internet Explorer TLS (Transport Layer Security) setting of TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1.  Going forward, QuickBooks Online requires an Internet Explorer setting of TLS 1.2 only.  This will impact your access to QuickBooks Online only if you access QuickBooks Online via Internet Explorer (Windows). If you are using another browser such as Google Chrome, this does not apply to you (unless you are trying to export your Desktop data to Online as QuickBooks Desktop uses Internet Explorer inside the product).

We know many of our clients use QuickBooks, so if you need help with this transition, contact us immediately at (321) 784-8488.

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