January 6, 2016

Happy New Year! What Are Your New Year’s Tech Resolutions?

Happy New Year! What Are Your New Year's Tech Resolutions?

From everyone here at N-Sync Computers, we’d like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


But, being the technology enthusiasts we are, we wanted to know…


What Are Your New Year’s Tech Resolutions?

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(These apply for your PC, Tablet and Mobile Device)

  • Perform An Annual Clean Up:
    • • Remove dust and debris from the inside and outside of the computer
    • • Run a diagnostic scan to check for hardware issues
    • • Perform a full virus scan
  • • Check for Application Updates
  • • Ensure your Antivirus subscription is up to date.
  • • Start the New Year with an Empty Inbox!
  • • Delete unused applications and temporary files such as cache
  • • Check Your Privacy Settings
  • • Speed Up Your Computer with Additional Memory


If you need help with any of the items on this list, you know where to find us!
Stop by anytime to our Cape Canaveral Location Monday- Friday Between 10-6 PM.

Contact Jason and Chad in the PC Repair department today!
(321) 784-8488 x 201 or 202


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