December 22, 2014

How a Windows VoIP Phone System Grants IT Freedom

New product! The 3CX phone system.

By Bianca Allery

Amidst helping to design and build new products, protecting against cybersecurity threats, and keeping the company network up and running, today’s IT teams have their hands full. Every day it seems a new responsibility lands on their desks, and these tech-savvy employees are also expected to stay abreast of the most recent technology trends and developments.

With all that in mind, asking your internal IT team to become expert enough to install and maintain a new phone system is unfair and also takes its focus off mission-critical projects. Fortunately, 3CX Phone System can make life easier for these IT gurus because it runs on Windows, and its implementation and management require no special telecom skills.

3CX Phone System is a true example of plug-and-play telephony in that the setup on a machine already running on Windows takes mere minutes. In some cases, once you’ve implemented the system, your IT employees may not have to help configure IP phones or soft phones, as any user can plug the phone into the system and 3CX discovers and configures it automatically. The service also offers a central management console from which IT can keep tabs on the entire system. Added together, all that functionality equals more time for IT employees to work on projects that will help grow your business.

Furthermore, 3CX Phone System offers a wide range of benefits for the rest of your business as well, including:

  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Unified communications features like presence and Web conferencing
  • Extension portability
  • Mobile clients for both Android and Apple phones


So, if you’ve noticed your IT staffers looking a bit overwhelmed recently, you might want to think about switching to a Windows-based system that takes a major burden off their plates instead of struggling to maintain your legacy phone system or deploying a more-invasive one.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of 3CX Phone System? Click here to read the product brochure.

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