April 14, 2014

Yes, Your PC Needs a Spring Cleaning Too

Yes, Your PC Needs a Spring Cleaning Too

Does your PC Look Like This?

Recently, a customer brought a computer in to the shop that “wasn’t running very well”.  One look inside was enough for our highly trained service technicians to recognize the problem.

When was the last time YOUR PC had a cleaning?

Very Dirty PC- N-Sync PC Sping Cleaning  Service

Does your PC Look like this? Bring it to N-Sync for a Spring Cleaning


Computer slowing down? Fans running louder than usual? Does it occasionally lock up, freeze, or restart for no apparent reason? This could be a sign that dust and debris has built up inside your computer causing the system components to overheat and run at a reduced speed.

For a limited time, bring your computer tower to N-Sync for a dust and debris removal for only $10!

Stop by anytime to our Cape Canaveral Location Monday- Friday Between 10-6 PM. We can usually get it back to you within 24 hours!

(Try getting that service and price from a “Big Box Store”)

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