October 10, 2018

Does Your Website Need An SSL?

Have you noticed warnings saying your site is not secure in browsers lately?  If not, you will!

Google will be flagging all websites as insecure this year if you do not have an SSL. 

Does Your Website Need An SSL?

We are sure you have visited a website and saw this warning.  This not only scares off visitors to your website but gives them a terrible impression of your company.  You do not want this to be their first impression.

Why is Google doing this?

  1. An SSL Encrypts Your Sensitive Information
  2. An SSL Protects You From Cybercrime
  3. An SSL Boosts Your Brand Credibility and Trust

Google wants all sites to have an SSL to put viewers minds at ease, and to ensure the site you are going to is actually who they claim to be.  Also, without an SSL, any of the information you provide on a website, your user name, password, address, phone number or credit card number etc, are NOT encrypted.  This means that anyone can steal that information.

Does Your Website Need An SSL?

If your site has a correctly installed SSL, you will see a green lock next to the address in the URL Bar, and the URL will have httpS:// before the domain name.

But You Don’t Sell Anything On Your Website

It Doesn’t Matter.  If you DON’T have an SSL on your site Google will flag it as insecure!  They already have started rolling this out.  We have already received calls from big clients wondering why their site is now flagged.  Also, Google is penalizing sites without an SSL in their Search Engine Rankings. So we thought it would be a good time to warn everyone.  Now is the time to bite the bullet and install that SSL.

Give us a call and we can take care of it for you.  Ask us how we can secure your mail server and all your subdomains as well.

Call N-Sync Computers at (321) 784-8488.


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