July 12, 2019

Is Your Website Up to Date and Secure?

In the past we have discussed how important having an SSL certificate on your website is, but that is just the beginning.

Too often we get in the habit of making a website and then forgetting about it. It’s understandable, you have a company to run and a job to do. But sometimes the website gets pushed to the “back burner” and several years go by between updates and changes. This is bad for many reasons.

Your website needs to be up to date for your first impression:

Your website is a key part of your business. It’s your digital business card and first impression for the online world. Your company doesn’t look good if your website is from 2005, 2010 or even 2015.

Your website needs to be up to date for content:

Are your services and products current? Are you still listing staff that are no longer with the company?

Your website needs to be up to date for security:

Is your site still using Flash, an old version of .php or poorly written html? This can cause severe security risks! Hackers exploit old code in many ways to bring down your website, or worse.

The Bottom Line

Regular updates to content, including blog posts and text updates, shows Google that your site is active and current. This helps your SEO and suggests to Google they should rank your site higher, thus helping customers find you easier!

Current, up to date websites utilize modern code that is safer for everyone.

Take a look at your website. When was the last time it was updated? If it’s been more than a few months for text changes or your last blog post, contact us!

If your site hasn’t been updated in years, the clock is ticking. You are asking for trouble. It is just a matter of time.

Reach out to the Web department at N-Sync for a free consultation and analysis of your site. We can point out what can be done to help.

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Avoid A Site Like These:

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