July 5, 2018

Are You Still Using Flash On Your Website? It’s Time To Update Your Site!

Are You Still Using Flash On Your Website? It's Time To Update Your Site!

At one point Adobe Flash was all over the web.

Flash allowed elaborate animations and exciting designs many years ago.  This was before other, open source methods came along to render Flash unnecessary.

Unfortunately Flash has several problems:

– Security.  It is relatively easy to inject malware (nasty code) into Flash to spread viruses and attacks.
– Lack of Device Support.  Apple has removed support for Flash on all it’s iOS devices.  In 2016 Apple announced there are over 1 Billion iOS Devices in active use in the World.  Why would you include software on your website that 1 Billion Devices can’t use?
– Search Engines Don’t Like Flash. Google will warn users if a website it lists will not or are unlikely to work on their device.  You don’t want Google to tell prospective viewers that your site won’t work!
– Flash requires a separate player.  It is annoying to constantly have to update all your browsers whenever Adobe updates Flash.
– Flash Also slows down your browser and browsing experience. Flash is inefficient and uses a large amount of system resources. It is also a big killer of mobile battery life.

The Good News!

Flash is not needed anymore.  You can get the same look and feel you got out of Flash in the past with HTML5 and other current standards, with better results.

If your website still uses Flash, contact us!  We can help you redesign your site so that EVERYONE can view it, including the search engines.  This will also help you rank higher and get more business.

Call N-Sync Computers at (321) 784-8488.


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